At Delcalzo Spine and Wellness Center, your exercise regimen is specifically created to build upon your current fitness level. Our skilled chiropractor, Dr. Delcalzo, will be monitoring your progress throughout your treatment plan.

Rehabilitation consists of a variety of exercises and techniques designed to improve your overall ability to continue everyday activities after encountering an injury. It is crucial to seek rehabilitation services so that you can realign fibroblast (cells that produce collagen) and begin repairing any damaged soft tissue.

Rehabilitation’s goal is to heal and remodel injured tissue as well as make sure the patient is comfortable in returning to their normal exercise regimen. At Delcalzo Spine and Wellness Center, we encourage all patients who are discharged from the Rehabilitation program to continue doing exercises and techniques learned throughout the program. Ultimately, we want you back to an independent state but will have a specifically designed home exercise program for during treatment and post-treatment success.